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Safety (VR,XR,AR) Simulation Training

Police, Fire, & EMS Simulation Training

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Fire & EMS Simulation Training

W.S. Darley

Four generations of industry leadership, plus a laser-sharp focus on quality and service, is woven into the Darley DNA. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are viable training tools for the fire service that makes the industry more effective and safer. The reduction in the economic, environmental, and human costs — along with the tangible benefits of VR/AR training — are too significant to ignore.

Contact: Kevin Sofen


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RiVR provides a generic virtual reality classroom solution with real time synchronization of up to 35 headsets. This is the first virtual reality solution of its kind that places the design of courses in the hands of the experts - the end user. RiVR provides you with all of the tools that you need to create immersive training environments in literally a matter of a few hours. This solution is applicable to ANY use case in the medical profession where an instructor interacts with students or staff to experience situations, processes situations, understand cognisance, human factors etc in a classroom style setting. RiVR Link has been adopted by many Medical institutions who understand the need for rapid, consistent and contextual training.

Police Simulation Training


The AVRT platform is a cutting edge, fully immersive and free-roam VR system designed for the training of Emergency Services, Military and High-Risk operatives in scenarios that may be difficult or prohibitive to simulate otherwise. Developed with feedback from over 80% of UK Police forces, the AVRT system allows trainers to put users through simulations to test their performance in situations up to and including the use of lethal and less-lethal force.


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