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Bodyswaps  is an award-winning Virtual Reality platform that brings realistic simulations and AI-enabled feedback to soft skills training.

Here, learners can practice and fail safely without repercussions, while building the communication, teamwork and leadership skills needed for successful careers.

Our modules fall under six categories: communication skills & public speaking, employability and job interview, diversity, equality & inclusion, management & leadership, soft skills for healthcare workers and customer experience.

All modules are available for VR, PC and mobile.


Check out the Modules below:​


Communication Skills


Public Speaking

Public Speaking & Presentation:

  • Essential Skills

Workplace Communications:

  • Clear Communication
  • Active Listening

More information: Web Link



Job Interview Training

Job Interview Simulator:
  • Managing Interview Anxiety
  • Landing the perfect job, on your own terms
  • Three steps to answering (almost) any question
  • Interview Simulation

Employability Skills:

  • Career Mindset Development

Diversity, equity & Inclusion

DEI Essentials:

  • Gender inclusion

International Labour Organization:

  • Sexual Harassment

Let's talk about Race:

  • Navigating microaggressions
  • Bias as a barrier
  • Recognizing privilege

Inclusive Leadership: (Also in Leadership and Management)

  • Understanding conflict
  • Giving feedback
  • Resolving conflict


Customer Service

Customer Experience:

  • Improving customer service in difficult situations
  • Making a bad situation better


Health & Social Welfare Training:

  • The Mental Health Practitioner
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