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Our Work

Our commitment extends to providing thorough training, ongoing support, and assistance in securing grants, ensuring seamless integration and operation of immersive technologies. Additionally, through our extensive network, we facilitate partnerships and connections with leading companies and innovators in the immersive tech industry. At XRenegades, we redefine possibilities, where innovation converges with education and healthcare transformation. If you would like to know more about what each is doing to implement these technologies: Please let us know, and we can connect you.

UT Health San Antonio

School of Nursing

XRenegades played a pivotal role in transforming the educational landscape at the University of San Antonio School of Nursing through the establishment of a cutting-edge VR lab.  We not only provided a comprehensive demonstration of various applications but also guided the school in selecting the most suitable Virtual Reality hardware and software solutions.  The collaboration with the University of San Antonio School of Nursing stands as a testament to our dedication to advancing education through innovative solutions and immersive technology

UT Health San Antionio

College of Dentistry

XRenegades is currently engaged in a dynamic partnership with the University of Texas Health at San Antonio College of Dentistry, undertaking the crucial task of selecting a vendor to construct a pioneering educational program focused on enhancing dentists' soft skills. Leveraging our extensive experience in immersive technology and educational innovation, we are committed to identifying the most suitable vendor who aligns with the unique requirements of the College of Dentistry. This initiative marks our dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional education, bringing forth a specialized program that will empower dentists with essential soft skills through immersive and transformative training experiences. XRenegades is proud to be at the forefront of shaping the future of dental education in collaboration with the esteemed University of Texas Health at San Antonio College of Dentistry.

Brazosport College event with Virtual Reality


Brazosport College

In a groundbreaking event that took place, XRenegades orchestrated XR DEMO DAY, a visionary experience that immersed Brazosport College employees in the cutting-edge realm of Virtual Reality Technology. Featuring a diverse array of software and hardware options, our goal was to revolutionize the perception and experience of education. This interactive day wasn't just about showcasing the potential of VR; it empowered attendees to ask questions, touch, see, and fully experience the wonders of the virtual world.

The Ohio State University College of Nursing

XRenegades played a vital role in enhancing the immersive learning experience at The Ohio State University College of Nursing. Our team embarked on a visit to their existing VR Lab, engaging with faculty and staff to gain insights into the current state of affairs. The purpose was twofold: to acknowledge and commend the exceptional work already being done, and to explore opportunities for improvement. Through in-depth discussions and a thorough examination of the existing setup, we aimed to ensure that the products and technologies in use aligned seamlessly with the educational objectives.

Our visit served as a validation of the College of Nursing's innovative approach, recognizing the commendable aspects while offering valuable insights for further enhancement. Beyond the physical visit, we extended our collaboration to online platforms, showcasing and discussing the remarkable features of their VR lab. XRenegades remains dedicated to advancing immersive learning environments and fostering collaborative partnerships with institutions like The Ohio State University College of Nursing.

Chairs in a room with Virtual Reality headsets on them
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