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Exercise, Fitness, and Wellness

Products in Exercise, Fitness, and Wellness utilizing AR/VR/XR


Founded by leading psychiatrists and neuroscientists, REULAY’s Virtual therapeutic platform reduces stress and anxiety, while increasing resilience, focus, and mental well being.

Reulay’s AI recommendation engine leverages artificial intelligence to match survey data to evidence based experiences targeting 7 parts of your brain’s anxiety circuitry.

Using Reulay 3x a week has shown statistical reductions in state-anxiety, emotional de-stress, and increased focus. The more you use the platform, the better you can feel.

Ready to Reulay?


The award-winning digital psychedelic wellness platform that uses the power of virtual and augmented reality to change the way you feel.


Burn calories, improve strength and get high on endorphins. Workout to the beats of Tiësto, Calvin Harris & more. Try free for seven days. Beat gym boredom. Workout with friends.


BehaVR creates digital therapeutics for behavioral health using Virtual Reality.


SyncThink spent 15 years conducting clinical research in order to create the virtual reality headset, EYE-SYNC. It monitors a person’s eye movement and allows clinicians to determine if they have a head injury.


NeuroTrainer is a Mental Fitness system that enables athletes to achieve new levels of human performance with cognitive training to train the mind. We combine neuroscience, sports science and immersive media to build training, measurement and neuro-analytics where athletes improve focus, decision speed, and situational awareness that translates to overall athletic performance.

NeuroTrainer is used by NBA, NHL, MLB, and collegiate DI teams, as well as elite athletes, trainers and coaches.


We are developing scientifically backed VR health and fitness programs using VR games.

We collaborate with health professionals to offer engaging solutions for improving mental and physical health.

We offer independent research services for VR companies.


Inside Healium virtual reality and augmented reality, you can see your feelings (biometric data from your wearables) displayed as a firefly reacting to your brain waves and heart rate. Through Healium’s patented technology, you’re able to control your environment. Your thoughts have power.

The team is a highly skilled and creative group of developers and designers who build interactive and immersive training applications for enterprise.

The Motive Training Platform makes it easy to create and deploy AR and VR content for training at scale. It includes our XR Player (useable with almost any device), the StoryFlow authoring tool, a Learning Records Store for xAPI data and hosting services.

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