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AR/VR/XR In Healthcare

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Immersive Technology Training in Healthcare (VR/XR/AR)

Other Immersive Technology uses in Healthcare (VR/AR/XR/HOLOGRAM)

Exercise, Fitness, and Wellness

Immersive Technology Training in Healthcare (VR,XR,AR)

Simulation training, surgical training, healthcare staff training

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VictoryXR is one of the world leaders in virtual reality and augmented educational product development. To date, they have created over 240 unique experiences spanning over 50 different learning units, digital twin campuses, and other education content designed to improve students' learning outcomes.



SimX brings virtual and augmented reality to medical simulation training. Their product is the first comprehensive professional-grade VR medical simulation system, and it is used to train physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals.


Nurse's Escape Room

UNMC College of Nursing

Nurse's Escape is a VR game that simulates an escape room based on the Sepsis Bundle. The purpose is to supplement nurse's lecture-style curriculum with an interactive way to test nurse’s Sepsis knowledge.

This game is sponsored by the University of Nebraska Medical Center's College of Nursing-Lincoln.



VRpatients is a physiologically-based clinical training platform that immerses a healthcare provider or first responder into actual case scenarios, allowing them to interview, assess, diagnose, and treat patients in real-time. Available through a web-based platform or a full clinical simulation experience complete with virtual reality goggles, VRpatients allows first responders and practitioners to test and expand their clinical skills and reduce the likelihood of clinical performance failure.

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Bodyswaps is an award-winning Virtual Reality platform that brings realistic simulations and AI-enabled feedback to soft skills training. Here, learners can practice and fail safely without repercussions, while building the communication, teamwork and leadership skills needed for successful careers.



With their proprietary technology, MetaVRse creates digital twins medical machinery in 3D immersive experiences to help users and maintenance teams understand physical machines and how to safely repair and replace every part of the machines efficiently. Digital twins are also used to train people on how to use machines in their daily work.


Oxford Medical Simulation

Oxford Medical Simulation delivers virtual reality medical simulation - training healthcare professionals to provide consistently world-class patient management without risking lives.

The focus is on clinical decision-making under pressure, crisis resource management, team interaction and patient engagement. Their fast-paced, repeatable, real-life scenarios can deliver consistently excellent, standardized clinical training to doctors and nurses to improve patient care.


zSpace is the leading evidence-based augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) platform providing innovative hands-on, experiential learning to improve achievement in science, math, career and technical education credentialing, post-secondary & advance sciences. zSpace provides a suite of applications to provide self-study experiences, hands-on laboratory dissections, ECG certification preparation, and the ability to visualize and interact with CT and MRI DICOM images. Students understand more deeply with 3D interactive experiences and their engagement soars.



EducationXR is a device agnostic immersive training and education platform that allows for no-code content creation, deployment to all phones, tablets, desktops and VR headsets. End users and students can review lessons from almost any place and on almost any device, and even have the ability to connect with each other in virtual group study rooms. From medical trainings and bio-threat containment protocols to rules and regulations for proper sanitation. EducationXR content can be accessed with a variety of technology platforms.



PrecisionOS is a leading provider of virtual reality surgical training solutions for the medical industry. Our immersive platform enables hospitals, universities and medical device companies to more effectively train medical residents and practicing surgeons while improving the transfer of knowledge and skills.


Osso VR is an award winning VR surgical and medical device training platform. The company is made up of practicing clinicians, professional VR developers and medtech industry veterans. We specialize in hyper-realistic, haptic-enhanced, hands-on interactivity and design.


Purdue Global University

Clinic Immersives PG

Clinic Immersives by Purdue University Global provides virtual reality unlimited access to anytime, anywhere clinical skills to healthcare learners. The experience levels range from undergraduate to graduate to practicing providers' training needs.


ORama VR

ORamaVR develops and markets the MAGES SDK, the world’s most advanced medical VR training software development kit that facilitates creation, enhancement and maintenance of most compelling and high fidelity medical VR simulations. The low-code MAGES SDK allows to produce simulations at 8x less cost and in 8x less time. MAGES SDK is used by healthcare institutions, medical tech/device companies, VR content developers to author simulations for the use by surgeons, nurses, doctors, medical teams at large, therapists, interns.

Contact: Chief Business Officer:

Nils Huebner

Embodied Labs

Embodied Labs’ first-person Fully-Immersive via Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and Web-Immersive via Browser experiences allow caregivers to step into the shoes of the people they care for, providing a memorable accelerated learning experience that traditional training methods cannot equal. Embodied Labs empowers healthcare professionals and caregivers to see the world through the eyes of the people they care for and confidently be the support, champion, and provider that the aging community and their families need.


Reality in Virtual Reality Limited

RiVR provides a generic virtual reality classroom solution with real time synchronization of up to 35 headsets. This is the first virtual reality solution of its kind that places the design of courses in the hands of the experts - the end user. RiVR provides you with all of the tools that you need to create immersive training environments in literally a matter of a few hours. This solution is applicable to ANY use case in the medical profession where an instructor interacts with students or staff to experience situations, processes situations, understand cognisance, human factors etc in a classroom style setting. RiVR Link has been adopted by many Medical institutions who understand the need for rapid, consistent and contextual training.

Bundle of Rays: XR Nursing

Bundle of Rays is transforming healthcare education using immersive

learning technologies and advancing the nursing profession through our

unique teaching programmes.

Zoe Immersive

Zoe’s easy-to-use, cross-platform, world creator empowers anyone to create and share interactive and immersive simulations easily without any coding knowledge. It can be used to create simple simulations on mobile and VR devices. For more advanced experiences Zoe also has a no-code plugin for the Unity Game Engine.



Effective skills training for healthcare and enterprise safety has been time and place bound with expensive facilities, with corresponding limitations in access and low throughput. Prior to the emergence of affordable VR, existing online training with traditional flat media was not comparable to traditional hands-on training in learning outcomes performance. Additionally, both physical training and computer simulations suffer from a rapid diminution of learned skills, requiring frequent retraining without achieving any economies of scale.


Founded by leading psychiatrists and neuroscientists, REULAY’s Virtual therapeutic platform reduces stress and anxiety, while increasing resilience, focus, and mental wellbeing.

Reulay’s AI recommendation engine leverages artificial intelligence to match survey data to evidence based experiences targeting 7 parts of your brain’s anxiety circuitry.

Using Reulay 3x a week has shown statistical reductions in state-anxiety, emotional destress, and increased focus. The more you use the platform, the better you can feel.

Ready to Reulay?



UbiSim is the leading immersive VR training platform for nursing. By combining evidence-based VR simulations with an intuitive, web-based authoring tool called the Editor, UbiSim empowers faculty to customize and design simulations that are curated for their learners’ learning objectives. UbiSim partners with U.S. and international institutions to advance the shared mission of improving patient care and safety.


MAI: VR Anatomy

Bodymap, AcuMap, DigiTwin

Medical Augmented Intelligence (MAI) is a pioneer in the field of medical VR innovations to create the Google Maps of the Human Body. MAI started its journey in 2016 with a commitment to create high-quality VR-based solutions for the next generation of health practitioners. With locations in the United States and Taiwan, MAI is well-suited to combine medical knowledge and practices rooted in Western and Eastern cultures with the most current technological solutions.

MAI's VR applications include BodyMap - a medically accurate VR anatomy and simulation training software program, AcuMap - a visually immersive VR acupuncture learning and simulation training application, and DigiTwin - a comprehensive medical 3D imaging tool.

Contact: Tony Zordich

Dental Simulations

Dental Education and Oral Surgery Simulations

HRV Simulation-Virteasy Dental V2 /VR

High fidelity dental training simulator built on Unreal Engine and incorporating haptics and full-VR for a fully immersive simulation with the possibility to perform dental treatments on a virtual patient.


Contact: James Markey,

HRV Simulation-UNI SIM Desktop

The world's most affordable desktop haptic and VR simulator for universities offering some of the best simulations in dental education, oral surgery, lumbar puncture and more.


Contact: James Markey,

More Immersive Technology Training in Healthcare (VR,XR,AR)

Simulation training, surgical training, healthcare staff training

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Immersive Touch

Immersive Touch creates virtual reality solutions for surgical planning, training and education. The company’s Immersive View Surgical Plan platform generates 3D replicas from patient scan​s, allowing surgeons to study and collaborate with their team on surgical tactics. Using the Oculus Rift headset, surgeons are able to use a number of tools, like the cut, draw and measure tools, that emulate a real procedure.


The EchoPixel interactive virtual reality surgical platform helps doctors to identify anatomy of interest and allows them to use the platform’s depth information to enhance detailed medical images in real-time.The EchoPIxel True 3D uses a wide variety of image datasets to produce anatomically correct, patient-specific 3D images. The company made international news for its 3D images of colons that help surgeons plan operations and produce real-time analytics.


FundamentalVR delivers haptic simulators that let surgeons practice and sharpen their skills. Using realistic vibration patterns, the haptic technology gives doctors the feeling of holding actual tools. Combined with VR, the FundamentalVR ecosystem provides doctors with a lifelike platform to study surgeries and practice them


Health Scholars

On-Demand Virtual Reality Training Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

VR is transforming medical training and care delivery, and Health Scholars is leading the way. Our VR training platform delivers ultra-realistic simulations and utilizes adaptive learning practices, AI, and voice technology to deliver providers the most immersive and interactive clinical experience a provider can have, next to the real thing.

Healthcare professionals use our platform to hone critical skills and competencies, including communication, teamwork, decision-making, and critical thinking. While executives and educators can validate provider competency and leverage detailed analytics to identify skills gaps and optimize training to mitigate risks and help prevent costly sentinel events.

Vicarious Surgical Inc.

At Vicarious Surgical we are revolutionizing the field of surgical robotics. We seek to improve the lives of patients, enhance the ability of surgeons, and expand worldwide access to high-quality care through the use of surgical robotics. We have re-imagined what is possible by building a human-like surgical robot and combining it with the world’s first virtual-reality surgical camera to allow surgeons to perform minimally-invasive surgery with the ease of an open procedure.

Surgical Theater

Surgical Theater develops Medical Virtual Reality platform for neurosurgical preoperative planning and rehearsal.


Global real-time collaboration using Virtual Reality from general chemistry to pharmaceutical drug discovery


MedRoom adds an extra dimension to medical education, allowing deeper understanding of the human body. Using a VR headset students are able to work on a virtual lab where they can freely explore the human body in unprecedented detail, or through guided experiences crafted by their professors.

Virtual Bodyworks

Our mission is to take immersive learning to the next level. To reduce bias, increase emotional intelligence, and create thriving cultures at work by creating inclusive people – braver, happier, more empathetic and kinder.


We provide customizable virtual reality speaking situations to support individuals and groups who seek, provide, and research speech therapy.

Lucid Reality Labs

Lucid Reality Labs is the World’ leading Immersive Technology consulting, design and development company with the primary focus on creating unique interactive Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality experiences for Healthcare, MedTech, Pharma and Education. (AR,MR,XR,VR)


Virti allows for creation and cross-platform distribution of interactive, immersive (VR, AR and MR) educational content and provides analytics that intelligently predict how a user will perform under pressure before entering a real environment.

Virti uses research into cognitive decision-making under pressure and an immersive video platform combined with augmented reality to help professionals prepare for real-life high-pressure environments including surgery, sports, emergency response and military training.


CLASSIMMERSE XR is a no code framework that helps Training Providers in building their courses for continuing medical education(CME) or CE training for knowledge and hard/soft

skills using advanced haptics, TTS(Voice to text), AI/ML aided.

  • Templates Available : Anatomy
  • Try out Cardiovascular Anatomy Module


EmergiSim has been developed for first responders, Police, Fire, Ambulance, and Military to be able to train and prepare for high-stress emergency situations with VR technology.


Medivis is a leader in AR for surgery. Founded by surgeons, radiologists, and engineers, Medivis is using technological advancements in augmented reality and computer vision to create a holographic future for surgery.


At SentiAR, our holographic, Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides physicians with a single source of truth during interventional procedures – giving them a real-time, interactive, 360-degree view of the treatment they’re delivering.


HoloAnatomy® Software Suite* was developed in collaboration with experienced anatomy faculty, our software gives students 3D perspectives of every part of the body – offering views impossible through any other means.


Our North Star is giving frontline healthcare workers and providers the tools they need to do their jobs better, minimize complications, and save lives. We are particularly driven to expand access in vulnerable and underserved communities. In short, we aim to expand capacity and extend provider reach.


Merge EDU engages students in science and STEM with 3D objects and simulations they can touch, hold and interact with.

Contact: Tess McKinney at

Medical Holodeck

Medicalholodeck is the platform for medical teamwork in virtual reality (VR). Medical Imaging XR, Dissection Master XR, and Anatomy Master XR are available. The suite of apps is used for 3D surgical planning in and outside the operating room and medical education in teams in VR. The apps are available for wireless VR hardware, PC-VR, and mobile devices.


XRCONSOLE develops immersive learning and training concepts for companies and educational institutions. With the synergy of innovative training methodology and state of the art virtual reality, we are reshaping the future of training.


Lumeto enables the future of work through its advanced XR simulation, training and skills assessment platform, Involve XR. The platform enables institutions looking to deploy data-driven, enterprise-grade, immersive training and assessment across their workforce. The company currently operates across the health care and safety fields, enhancing learning outcomes tied to individual and team decision-making, problem-solving, de-escalation and complex procedures. Involve XR enables enhanced levels of learner assessment and bench marking, providing learners an efficient way to remotely re-skill, up-skill and study in live, synchronous, immersive, scenario-based learning environments. Lumeto is based in Toronto, Canada, and employs a global workforce.

Arch Virtual

Arch Virtual’s experienced team of developers create AR and VR training and simulation for enterprise and education using our Acadicus platform.

Acadicus provides a foundation for fast, efficient development and implementation of measurably effective VR training.



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Other Immersive Technology uses in Healthcare

This includes but is not limited to: Holograms, virtual health consultations, physical & mental therapy, pain care, hypnotism, eye therapy, behavioral health, and wellness
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XR Health

XRHealth operates state-of-the-art therapeutic care Virtual Clinics, utilizing proprietary FDA and CE registered medical Extended Reality (XR) technology (virtual and augmented reality). XRHealth integrates immersive XR technology, licensed clinicians, and advanced data analytics on one platform, providing a comprehensive therapeutic care solution for patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes. They specialize in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Health management, Pain Management, Parkinson's, ADHD, Memory & Cognitive Training, Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation, Support Groups and more.

Dr. Hologram

Dr. Hologram is a healthcare technology company providing holographic solutions for delivering transformative education and telemedicine applications. Their innovative products can be used by hospitals, universities, pharma, insurers, and government agencies resulting in both qualitative and quantitative efficiencies benefiting all sides of the healthcare equation.


Mind Maze

MindMaze is a global leader in digital neuro-therapeutics (DTx) solutions with a mission to accelerate the brain's ability to recover, learn and adapt. With over a decade of work at the intersection of neuroscience, bio-sensing, engineering, mixed reality and artificial intelligence, its healthcare division is addressing some of the most challenging problems in neurology, including stroke, Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease, by creating the universal platform for brain health and recovery and unique digital therapeutic interventions. MindMaze's pioneering FDA cleared and CE marked neuro-digital therapeutics accelerate patients' recovery from many critical neurological conditions.


AppliedVR provides immersive therapeutic content. It uses VR headgear for delivering content that is aimed at relieving anxiety and pain for a patient before and after surgery. Programs include anxiety reliever and Pain Reliever. The platform enables less or elimination of the use of sedatives.


Augmedics provides an augmented reality-guided surgery system. It includes see-through glasses to guide and support the surgeon. The system's first development is the Spine Surgery application which aims to improve the insertion of screws into the vertebrae.